Lend Us A Helping Hand Please!

Lend Us A Helping Hand Please!

The people of Sigabaduru Village need your help more than ever. The hard-working people from Sigabaduru Village help to protect our border, They work hard for small amounts of money that is never enough to feed a family.
Basic Village Life

 It is our duty as Australians to halt common and rare infections from entering our country. How can we protect our border if we give little to no help to the Sigabaduru Villagers alone with countless other villages only four kilometres from our shores.

The people of Sigabaduru Village have legal traditional trading within Australian territory. We must assist the forgotten guardians of our borders. Small measures of any kind to assist these amazing people will save and change lives.

What Do We Need?

Medical Personnel -Well they need everything, one could imagine medically! any medical assistance is desperate need within the many villages across our coastline. The most important need is for medical assistance (Doctors,Specialists etc) and medicine. If any health professionals have the desire to donate their time to this worthy cause please contact me HERE .

If you or your medical professional peers would like to conduct an expedition to  Sigabaduru Village contact me and I will make all arrangements needed. You will face some of the toughest conditions of your medical career, but the rewards far out weigh the hardships. Note - Australians who are not of aboriginal or Torres Strait decent can only enter PNG via Port Moresby, followed a short plane ride to Daru Island. A power boat ride of a few hours will get you to Sigabaduru Village. All supply's can be sent to Saibai Island and will cross the border via boat manned by Sigabaduru Villagers. 

Medical Help PNG
We need your help!

Builders - Training local villages with basic woodwork skills and assist with the building of community areas and homes. Do you have a group of friends in the building industry willing to help some of the most desperate people on Australia's doorstep. Contact me (Dan Collyer) and help me help you to make a difference to a whole community.

Donate - We need funds for bulk amounts of food aid and the transportation costs involved. Contact me HERE to express your interest to help out our closest neighbours.
Donate to Sigabaduru Village
Every Penny Counts

Philip Darua - Is the grandfather of my daughter Talisha. He is currently suffering from a severe cataract in both eyes. He desperately need medical help to allow Philip to provide for his family. If you want to send anything to help Philip Darua, send your package to the following address.

Philip Darua 
Sigabaduru Village PNG
Care Of Saibai Island Council 
Queensland 4875 Australia 

Saibai Island is four Kilometres from Sigabaduru, all villages on the coast of PNG have legal rights to enter our borders for traditional trade. Philip Darua or a family member will collect any direct donations from Saibai Island. 
  • Medicine - Antibiotics, Pain management, Vitamins, Basic medical emergency education.........
  • Food - Rice, rice and more rice , flour, tin food, 
  • Solar Power units, Solar Lighting, Solar Radios, 
  • Clothing & Shoes men's women's and children
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Brick & Brack - etc.... Plates Knives Forks, Spoons, Pans.
  • Tools power or manual
  • Tarpaulins 
  • Mosquito Coils
  • Toys and bikes
  • Gas Stoves & Gas refills
  • Donations for freight costs to Saibai Island


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