Cross border catch ups

Cross border
catch ups
Market day on Saibai Island was a great
opportunity for some of our staff to have
an informal chat with Papua New Guinea’s
Sigabadaru village cross border residents.
Sigabadura village residents are able to come
to the cross border islands of the Torres Strait.
Sigabadura is the central village to Kiwai and
Agob tribal land and people.
Saibai Island is the closest Torres and Cape
Primary Health Care centre to PNG’s Western
Marsat Ketchell (Social and Emotional Wellbeing-
ATODS Program Manager), Dion Uku (Operations
Manager) and Dunstan Peniyamina (Cross Border
Communications Officer) chatted to locals about
their health issues.
“We had to use three languages to communicate
with the locals,” said Marsat. “We have a few
languages between us.


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