Nearly four weeks after 17 prisoners were shot dead during a mass jail breakout in PNG, an investigation is about to get underway.

PNG Correctional Services had ordered an investigation into the incident at Buimo jail in mid May, but has been unable to send a team of investigators to Lae because as usual there was no funding available.

International human rights organizations have called for an independent inquiry, expressing concern that security forces' first response was to use lethal force.
It's also not the first time there's been a deadly breakout at Buimo jail.
12 prisoners were killed and 18 wounded when 94 prisoners escaped in February last year.

Ruben Manamb is the Acting Senior Operations officer for PNG Corrections and part of the four-person investigation team traveling to Lae to carry out a week-long investigation.
Lae police, Superintendent Anthony Wagambie
Police in Lae are moving forward with their investigations into a failed robbery at the lae's airport, in which one of the suspects was shot dead by police.

The head of Lae police, Superintendent Anthony Wagambie says they received information from the community about plans by an armed group to break into Nadzab airport, which is around 40 kilometers outside of Lae.

He told John Papik that despite police being able to disturb the criminals and prevent the robbery, the majority are still on the run.

 PNG-flagged cargo ship banned from Australian ports

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority, AMSA, has banned a Papua New Guinea-flagged cargo ship from using Australian ports for three months after detecting scores of defects in several areas including safety, maintenance and crew conditions.

The Kiunga Chief was detained for the third time in 18 months and Australian inspectors found the ship's fire-fighting systems didn't work and that the crew couldn't operate them even if they did. A serious lack in safety equipment and training along with a lax safety culture on board the ship.

All up, Australian Maritime Safety Authority has issued the ship 79 deficiencies since August 2015.
The Authority's acting general manager of operations Stephen Curry said systemic failures by the Kiunga Chief's operator Consort Express Lines have put the safety of the crew and the Australian marine environment at risk.

In such a far flung country with a large and fast growing population, it's long been suspected that Papua New Guinea is highly likely to have pockets of hidden sporting talent.
Now sports science researcher, Kieran Sciberras, from James Cook University in Cairns, is planning a two year mission to establish just how great PNG's talent pool might be, by conducting a series of tests on athletes and would-be athletes all over the nation.
Ultimately Kieran is hoping the results of his research will enhance Papua New Guinea's long-term sporting future, and help them achieve their ambition of being one of the top 10 sporting nations in the Commonwealth.
Hello and welcome to Sigabaduru, I created this site so my daughter could gain some information about the little PNG village she was lucky enough to be born in.

Papua New Guinea has always been a big part of my life. After my parents divorced, my father married a lady from Port Morsesby. My stepmother had 5 children ans I feel that I was really lucky to be brought up with a style of life so different from my own.

 People from PNG are very family orientated, they have strong traditions and I listened to many traditional PNG stories while growing up. To cut a long story short I feel that I owe PNG alot, as growing up and being deeply engaged with the people of PNG made me who I am today!

I want to do a lot of things for the people if Sigabaduru as I have strong family ties within the village. My first mission would be to help my daughters grandfather (Philip Darua). Philip Darua gave my daughter security, love, food and a roof over her little head. Philip currently suffers from cataracts, he is only is able to see shadows making his life very difficult.

I will not stop until I am able to seek help for Philip, both myself and my daughter owe him so much. When I am able to seek help for Philip I will then strive to create useful projects to help the village as a whole. If you are a visitor to this site and wish to help me make at least one life better don't hesitate to Contact Us and we will work to make my dreams a reality.
Will will update this page some more as soon as I figure out who I am ???

Cross border
catch ups
Market day on Saibai Island was a great
opportunity for some of our staff to have
an informal chat with Papua New Guinea’s
Sigabadaru village cross border residents.
Sigabadura village residents are able to come
to the cross border islands of the Torres Strait.
Sigabadura is the central village to Kiwai and
Agob tribal land and people.
Saibai Island is the closest Torres and Cape
Primary Health Care centre to PNG’s Western
Marsat Ketchell (Social and Emotional Wellbeing-
ATODS Program Manager), Dion Uku (Operations
Manager) and Dunstan Peniyamina (Cross Border
Communications Officer) chatted to locals about
their health issues.
“We had to use three languages to communicate
with the locals,” said Marsat. “We have a few
languages between us.


Radio stations in Port Moresby

Redio stesin long Pot Mosbi

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FM,MHzStation / RedioTransmitter
  89.10 Lalokau FM Port Moresby
  89.90 FM Central Maoro Boroko
  90.70 NBC Karai National Radio Burns Peak
  92.00 NBC Tribe FM Boroko
  93.10 Yumi FM Burns Peak
  93.90 Wantok Radio Light Burns Peak
  95.50 NBC Central - Kibi Gadona Burns Peak
  96.50 Nau FM Burns Peak
  97.00 Hot 97 FM Burns Peak
  97.90 Radio 2G Pacific Adventist University
  98.50 Radio UPNG University of Papua New Guinea
  99.50 Rait FM Gordons, Gabaka St
100.40 FM100 Burns Peak
101.10 Legend FM Burns Peak
101.90 ABC Radio Australia Burns Peak
103.50 Radio Maria Burns Peak
105.10 Paradise FMBoroko
106.70 BBC World Service Burns Peak
AM,kHzStation / RedioTransmitter
    585 NBC Karai National Radio Waigani
    675 NBC Morobe - Nek BlongKundu Lae, Bubia
SW,kHzStation / RedioTransmitter
  3220 NBC Morobe - Nek BlongKundu Lae, Bubia
  3290 NBC Central - Kibi Gadona Waigani
  3345 NBC Northern - Voice of Oro Popondetta
  4890 NBC Karai National Radio Waigani (Nighttime)
  7325 Wantok Radio Light Waigani
  9675 NBC Karai National Radio Waigani (Daytime)
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